It all began 1/27/2018 at 5:21 pm, the first message I got from her on facebook after the friends request she sent me. We met through our mutual friend, .. well she was my friend in person and her friend via facebook,.. I had a really bad day and talked to my friend and told her how I felt and how I was ready to stop looking for love in all the wrong places, (I was single for two years already so for me I just wanted to give up,..and single by choice, because I am very picky when it comes to dating or just friending someone). I was really disappointed and just driving around with my daughter when all of a sudden my friend send me a pic.
Well she literately sent me three pics of the same person,. my daughter tells me, "mom look at this", lol it was funny because my daughter wasn't this way with me, it was like a sign. I stopped at a red light and looked at my phone.
I was like okayyyyy,... why you sending me pics of random people? She said,.. well this chic is single, lives in Florida and I have a gut feeling she is your soul mate. I was like come on Sol, how can this be? and really, I just want to be alone and keep taking time for myself, (I had spent two years single and really enjoying things I forgot I needed because I was busy depressing my life for situations really not worth it), so my friend insisted in me giving myself another try, so then and there my daughter says mom, "she is hot" and "hey, you always wanted to start again in Florida, maybe this is your time", it really captured my thoughts and I told my friend ok, to let this chic know she can friend me.
(My birthday was on the 31st of January, so my friends and my daughter had planned a weekend get away with me in Boston, so this was basically my conversation on and off, about my birthday preparations).
So this same night as I told my friend to let her know she can friend me, she did and at around 5:21pm we began our small, nice conversations. She said, "Hi, How are you?" and I replied, "I am good and yourself"?. that small talked leaded to so much feelings that today.
We kept chatting and asking questions about each other via text, voice messaging, then video, where I even met her family and she met mine. It felt as if we knew each other for years and how much we had in common. We were both Newyorkers, our parents been there since young. we were both born in the same hospital which was like too much to grasp,. so God knows who is your soul mate. My friend and her fiance were planning their wedding, so as you know She was invited and flew from Florida to Massachusetts just to meet me, then and there I realized what a special women she was,. I mean now days it is tough to fly and meet a stranger without having bad thoughts in your mind, I would... it is freaking scary, but yet she trusted and felt I was ment to be her girlfriend.
She flew to Massachusetts for three days and let me tell you, it was the best three days I have had in my 43 years of life, (I am now 44 by the way,. :-) ). We shared so much it was magical, she met my family, and the bond is never forgotten. It was like a movie for me, looking and seeing her bond with my kids and grand-kids, at that moment I had a pause and recorded the best moment of my life so I can treasure for ever in my mind like a computer.
During my friends wedding, as they were having their vows read to each other all I can do is stare at this women who came into my life like a thief in the night to wake and shake my soul and say, "Hey, here I am,..the one to make you happy, smile, and cry tears of joy, the one to care for you when you are sick, the one to take all the pain away, and she has done this since day one. (I will be lying to you if id say it has been perfect because it hasn't, but what rose doesn't have the strong stems that cut your fingers, yet you smell, love and plant them right?) well that is love, perfectly imperfect.
It was time for her to leave back to Florida, not before I put a ring on her, I felt so much passion and love for her I wanted her to stay, but obligations had to be done. But as time passed by I decided to fly to Florida.. we hooked up and she asked me to marry her and I said yes.. today we are still together but haven't accomplished our marriage because of financial hardship but let me say I would marry this woman 30 times if she asked me, because she is all I ever wanted in a Princess.. she is loyal, friendly, true, helpful, caring, caring, sweet, beautiful and a happy person, someone positive you would want but your side everyday. And everyday that I look into her eyes is like a new day, because I fall in love with her all over again. Her smile, her eyes, her voice, her touch and even her walk drives me crazy...what else can i say that God doesn't know.. #soulmates do exist...wait on it, be patient Maritsa Torres.

Jessica + Maritsa

Your Getting Married At Noho Pride 2019!

Erica + Yobany

Victoria + Shienne

We met as new friends after a bad break up. She was such a great loving person who made all pain go away. She turned nightmares into dreams. She had never been with a girl and we fell for each other. It was like magic. Since then we have worked hard for our lives together and our two sons. I gave her an Irish promise ring cause it is a tradition of mine with my family. I felt she was special enough, she is the women of my dreams. I would love to give her such a gift. We would be so honored if we won and our family’s would be so happy and surprised. They've been all wanting us to tie the knot and I this this would be something special to share with them and the world and for our sons.

A fourteen-hour first date, sometime later a puppy, car accident, house fire, mysterious illness, a lot of physical therapy and some other insanity later... There's still nothing but love.
Victoria asked Shienne 1/28/2017 and then Shienne asked Victoria 6/17/2017.
Be we are getting way ahead of ourselves..
You can teach a woman to fish but they don’t tell you how unbelievably TEDIOUS the nibbles are. I’d say fishing is about 50% luck that you’ll find the perfect fish with the most stunning eyes.. boy were the odds in our favor (thanks Plenty of Fish). Our first date was supposed to be dinner and a paint and sip. SUPPOSED TO BE is the operative phrase. It turned into... shopping at Michael's, teaching Shienne how to crochet in a cafe, going to dinner, listening to our favorite music for an hour in the car, winging a "bring your own picture" paint & sip... then an impromptu screening of the second movie I ever considered walking out of but didn't have the heart to (No offense to Jennifer Lawrence, you’re lovely) but Joy was terrible. Then spending a few more hours just talking and listening to music.... for a total of FOURTEEN hours. I can’t even hang out with myself that long..
>>Fast Forwarding a bit>>
One car accident and a house fire later I knew that I couldn't wait any longer before proposing to Shienne, life’s too short. I had folks in a local band learn our song "Don't You Want to Stay" by Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean so I could propose during their set. Shienne didn't see it coming, even though she knew I would take her to get her nails done in a two-week window beforehand (and I made sure she had her favorite outfit on).
Then came the hospital... Shienne was there every day for sixty-six days: cheering me on to stand, take my first step, take a few more steps, and learn how to navigate in my wheelchair. Sure, I ran over your toes a few times, but they're all still there, right? I was the "special episode" of House MD because we had no diagnosis, just a collection of symptoms. You never expect your legs to stop working at 25... When they do you "just keep rolling" or "roll with it" and then "take it step by step" humor to find happiness in uncertain moments. That is love. You do what you have to do.
Shienne's proposal (a few times delayed) was a complete surprise after what seemed like forever. She surprised me by having our friends and family in the park with rainbow umbrellas and shirts that said "Tori, will you be my forever?" You pushed my wheelchair through the grass (down the hill nearly tipping me out of it) and kneeled in front of me as our song played. It was clearly a yes...
We had our life and wedding planned, but life and the elusive/unpredictable devil it is, decided to toss a few more curve balls at us. Our day was supposed to be 11/11/18, to be overly cheesy, she was everything I had ever wished for. We aren’t ones to ever ask for things or put ourselves out there- so this is a bit out the norm but we would love to have this experience, getting married surrounded by endless love and positivity. I'll also admit that not having the fuss of planning would be nice too as Shienne takes on another round of nursing school. The more we think about it the more we realize this wedding would absolutely fit into the story that is us. Magical and a little wild. — Shienne Daniels

My girlfriend and I met on CRAIGSLIST! of all places. Before SESTA/FOSTA and unfair censorship laws took away the w4w section and we've been pretty inseparable ever since. I gave her a promise ring so that one day we could get married during our anniversary while we were on the beach last year. The thing stopping us has been money honestly, we would be so honored to be married in our little home of Western MA in front of all our queer friends fam and community.

Isabella + Brook Rain