Rules apply to all Non-Profit, For-Profit, Food Vendors

 Noho Pride Event held at the 3 County Fairgrounds, 54 Fair Street, Northampton, MA 01060 (413-584-2237)

  • Every booth must be tented with your own 10x10 tent.**
  • Only 10x10 tents allowed - nothing larger.**
  • TENT STAKE REQUIREMENTS: All stakes must be less than 2 feet.
  • You must put up your own tent.
  • No vendor will be allowed to set up without a tent.**
  • Booth locations will be assigned by Noho Pride staff.
  • You must tell us exactly what you are selling so we can make every attempt to space you apart from vendors of similar wares.
  • Noho Pride has the right to limit the number of vendors selling the same wares.

ALL Non Profit and For Profit vendors MUST BE broken down and OFF the fairgrounds by 6:00pm. NO EXCEPTIONS.

ONLY Sponsors and\or Vendors who purchased a booth space will be allowed to hand out flyers, cards, newspapers or paraphernalia of any kind on the fairgrounds during the Pride event.

Extra tables and\or chairs MUST be ordered when booth fees are paid, submitted and accepted. No extra tables and\or chairs will be available on day of event unless previously ordered.


Enter fairgrounds at the Old Ferry Road entrance, Gate 5.  There will be ONE check-in area which every vendor will be expected to visit upon arrival at the site. Please do not go to the vendor area without checking in first.  Upon arrival, you will be directed to your assigned booth space where you can unload your supplies.  As we have many people to unload in a very short time, you will be asked to unload very quickly and then move your car immediately.


Set up will begin at 8:30 AM, with the expectation that all vendor booths will be ready by 11:00 AM. Please do not arrive before 8:30 AM.  You will not be allowed access to the site before that time. 

Exit fairgrounds at the Fair Street exit.  ​ When your booth set up is complete, you will be directed to exit toward Fair Street to Free parking in a designated Vendor parking area.


Booth space numbers\assignments will be sent to you via email  2-3 weeks prior to the event date. 


Materials on your table or handed out MUST be for your registered non-profit organization only. Vendors handing out materials not directly related to their non-profit organization may be asked to remove the materials and may not be allowed to return in the future. Selling of any kind is NOT Permitted for Non-Profits. You must pay the appropriate For Profit booth fee to sell wares. 


Be sure that you have obtained a permit from the Northampton Health Department (413-587-1215) and if you are using propane you must also have a permit from the City of Northampton Fire Dept (413-587-1039).  Food Vendors may set up between

10:00 AM - 3:00 pm Friday prior to Pride and from 8:30 AM to 11:00 AM Saturday for Health Department inspection.

ATTENTION FOOD VENDORS: If you have a grill or fryer you MUST have the Ansel fire suppressant equipment.
All permits and inspections are the responsibility of the vendor. If you do not have it all done the day of Pride, you will NOT be allowed to open.  For more information, contact 3 County Fairgrounds (413-584-2237) 


Unless you ordered extra tables and\or chairs prior to day of event, none will be available. Do not take them from the food or entertainment areas.


The Pride event ends at 5:00 pm.  Please DO NOT break down before 5:00 pm.  Vendors who do so may be asked not to return next year. Once the public has left the site, you may bring your vehicle back to the vendor booth area for loading at approximately 5:30pm.  Please breakdown provided tables and chairs and leave them in the booth.


Vendors are responsible for cleaning up the trash in their booth.  Do not leave flyers, newspapers or any other samples or materials at your booth when you leave.  Vendors who do not follow these requirements may not be asked to return next year.


If you listed products or services on your application and you are selling OTHER\ADDITIONAL items or services, we reserve the right to ask you to stop or not sell that item.


The Noho Pride LGBTQ Parade and Pride  Event is a rain or shine event.  There is no rain date.

If you have a contingent in the parade, please note that the parade steps off sharply at 11:00 am.  You must  complete the Parade Contingent Form here.

Our volunteers are invaluable and quite frankly, we would not be able to produce this event for the community without them.  We need volunteers, therefore if you or someone you know is interested in volunteering for a couple of hours on Pride Day, please submit a volunteer form HERE .

Email any questions to our Volunteer Coordinator at

 **Excludes Food Vendors


We welcome all types of vendors including non-profits, artists, crafters, local businesses and foodies!  As a vendor, you will have a unique opportunity to reach out to the LGBTQIA+ community, who in the past, has shown up 40,000 strong to Noho Pride.


  • ALL VENDORS are required to complete the Vendor Application form prior to being accepted.
  • Vendor acceptance is based on a first-come first-serve bases.
  • Applications will be entered into a juried selection process.  Noho Pride reserves the right to restrict the number of vendors of specific categories of goods and services.
  • Vendors will be contacted within 5 business days with regards to acceptance.

  • Accepted Vendors will have 14 days to remit payment to secure a spot.



You may complete the vendor application thru April 15, 2019 to be put on our wait list.  

Vendor Opportunities!