Parade registration deadline: April 21, 2017

Our Pride Day Celebration is kicked off with a fantastic, amazing, super high energy parade filled with marching bands, religious groups, GSA's, floats, animals, motorcycles, you name it they are in the parade! 

We march into the Pride event site where the party continues all day! Come join us and celebrate yourself!

You cannot choose the order you will be in the parade. Please direct your special needs to  Include your organization’s name, and your contact information, so we can address your request. ​

Your contingent’s general position within the parade order will be sent via e-mail to the contact name who initially registered. This notification and its accompanying map will contain your staging color, staging location, suggested arrival time, and most efficient access point for arriving at your designated spot. You will need to print out the staging color form and bring it with you to prove your group is registered. 
It is paramount that you review and disseminate this information to all the participants in your contingent. As a general discussion, the staging area and entry points are defined below.



Arrive at your specific colored staging area between 9:00 am and 11:00 am. DO NOT arrive earlier than 9:00am.

MOTORCYCLES  staging area (red) is located on Hampton Ave. with overflow onto Pleasant Street. Enter Hampton Ave. from Pleasant Street. 

FLOATS (any vehicle, bicycle, scooter) staging area (
purple) is located on Hampton Ave. with overflow onto Pleasant Street. Enter Hampton Ave. from Pleasant Street.

MARCHERS (walkers, bands) staging areas (
orange, yellow, green, blue) will be located in the parking lot across from the Northampton Brewery. Look for a Noho Pride volunteer with your color flag. ​Marchers enter the staging area from Conz Street or Hampton Ave. 

Once you enter into your colored staging area, seek the Noho Pride volunteer (they will be holding a colored flag) and they will check you off of the registration listing. IF YOU ARE NOT ON THE REGISTRATION LIST, YOUR GROUP OR FLOAT WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE.

Bring water and sunscreen.  
Parade route is approx. 1.1 miles and may take up to an hour and half to march depending on number of contingents and gaps.

We try very hard to keep the parade moving at a steady pace so please help by keeping your group moving.


MOTORCYCLES - You MUST keep a steady pace, no stopping,  revving and speeding off.  If you do this, the police will be notified and you will not be able to participate in the parade in the future. 

The parade will kick off at exactly 12:00pm. 
1. Motorcycles (
2. Noho Pride Banner
3. Officials (
4. GSA’s or groups with small children (
5. Floats (
purple) and reminder of the marchers (green, blue) be directed intermittently

Floats are directed to park in a lot located next to the Pride event  site at the Tri County Fairgrounds. 

Marchers are directed into the Pride event site at the Tri County Fairgrounds. 

You MUST fill in and submit  a registration form to be in the parade. Registration is FREE.