Why should I Donate?

You believe that diversity and inclusion are important.

You--or someone you care about-- is LGBT, and you want to say thanks.

You believe in paying it forward.

You want to ensure that others experience the same high energy you get as a volunteer and giving back

You believe in the power of education and research to overcome the stigma of LGBT communities.

We have come a long way since 1981 and every year since then we have come together as ONE INCLUSIVE community to celebrate the freedoms that we have won and the equality we continue to fight for. We NEED YOUR HELP to continue this important event that affects thousands of people from all over New England.
Over 30,000 people were able to attend 2017 Pride because we are able to keep it free of charge and accessible to everyone all due to our wonderful, continually supportive sponsors and YOUR generous donations. 

Noho Pride (AKA Northampton Pride) has provided LGBT support, education, scholarships, diverse and inclusive public events and more with the help of your generous donations for over 36 years.​​
​Thank you in advance for your generosity.