Hors D’oeuvres, Host
Ms(tr). Hors D’oeuvres emerged from the primordial drag ooze in 2009 and has always reached for two goals: to create queer spaces where drag and burlesque can flourish in The Pioneer Valley and to entertain you! Whether this genderqueer drag entertainer is hosting the monthly Bon Appetit Burlesque shows in Florence, MA, running the monthly Drag Brunch at Slainte Restaurant in Holyoke, MA, or lending her sass to the highest bidding venue, Hors is as friendly as can be! They’re just as happy to pose for selfies and give you a big hug as he is to be the host and drag coordinator for this year’s Northampton Pride! As the Hors of all trades for Hors D’oeuvres Entertainment, Hors wears many hats but they're all covered in glitter. Hors also notes their pronouns are fluid: "You can call me they, you can call me she, or you can call me he, as long as you call me!" Visit www.facebook.com/houseofhors or catch Hors on Instagram with the handles @dragbrunch@bonappetitburlesque and @houseofhors to join in on all the fun adventures of Hors and friends in Western Massachusetts. Photo credit: Ben A. Johnson.



Exydus became an overnight sensation, in 2007, after taking 1st place in their debut performance at Divas Nightclub's "Drag Wars," in Northampton, MA. Since, their work has been featured in many publications such as NPR and Lesbians on the Loose.  Most recently Exydus has been casted in DW McCraven's stage play "Fb:Buoyancy ( A Hip Hop Theater Works)," and has been performing in both the Chicago and Western Mass area.

We are out in the streets promoting peace, justice, social and economic equality through song and humour.

Find all the details about the Raging Grannies at http://raginggrannies.org/

Mia E Z’Lay
Mia E Z'Lay is a colorful comedy queen with a punk rock twist of lime. From performing for sold out crowds, to lip syncing in front of her stuffed animals, Mia loves nothing more than to entertain... and tacos. She really loves tacos. She has vast costume experience and cannot wait to bring her works to the Pride Main Stage! Mia can be found performing and making people cry from laughter and/or horror all over New England. You can find her easily on most social media networks! Especially on Instagram under @miaezlay. Photo credit: Kyle Garron.

and Jazz Cafe Alto (The Netherlands). Pamela Means has also composed for and licensed music to PBS, independent filmmakers and folkpoet Alix Olson's multi-award-winning film and CD projects.With virtuosic musicianship, razor wit and a disarming sense of humor, Pamela Means is building a vibrant and remarkable career, delighting audiences from Anchorage to Amsterdam to Sydney to Stockholm to Honolulu and New York. Thrilled audience members often exclaim they've 'never seen anyone play guitar like Pamela Means!' Plus, Ani DiFranco said to Pamela Means, "you groove so deep, so deep I can't get out. And I wouldn't want to." We guarantee you won't want to either. 

Kat Cunning

Erynn Rocabich

Erynn got her start with local plays and musicals. She decided to start doing drag in 2013 and performed mostly with the Imperial Court of Western Mass. Later, she became a prominent figure within the non-profit. In 2015, she joined ChibiCon as a regular cast member and has been touring with them ever since. Within the group, Erynn is the music and creative coordinator. Recently, she has begun to incorporate her vocal and theater talents in her drag and hopes to continue entertaining folks using these talents.

Not in order of appearance.

Loo D’Flyest Priestly

Team NohoPride 2018:
Molly Wilson, Stephanie Clark, Hanna Lewis, Cassie Lang

Jesus Remigio, Erin Sanders-Sigmon, Fatima Silvestre 

Ingrid Nevar, Andy Veith, Zachary Breland

Cat Dvar

Veronica Bow
Veronica Bow is the last member of ChibiCon: The Traveling Cosplay Show, and is packed with raw talent and a powerhouse personality. In 2015, she won the title of Ms. Gay Western Massachusetts and was later named as Inaugural Figurehead of the Western Massachusetts Imperial Court System, where she spends most of her time raising money for charities such as the Aids Foundation and the Alzheimer’s Association. Today, Veronica is the proud, reigning Ms. Northampton 2017.  

Veronica's Drag is a mixture of fantasy, high-fashion and the old school scene. She performs mostly to powerhouse mixes from the 90s like Whitney Houston, Deborah Cox, and Celine Dion, but she also likes to keep it new and fresh with some music like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and more. Her Inspirations to do cosplay are Serenity Lockhart and Tito Midnight, and she aspires to one day be at the level they're at today. In the future, Veronica wants to make an impact representing the plus-size cosplaying community as well as the drag community as a whole.

Find more information at http://www.pamelameans.com/

Kit Yan

Spoken Word Artist

Kit Yan is a New York based spoken word artist from Hawaii. Kit performs theatrical slam poetry pieces about his life as a queer, transgender, and Asian American through stories about family, love, and social justice.  Kit has been seen on television programs such as HBO’s Asian Aloud and PBS’ Asian America. Kit’s poetry has been reviewed in New York, Bitch, Curve, and Hyphen magazines and he has toured internationally with Sister Spit, The Trans* Roadshow, and Good Asian Drivers. Kit’s work has been featured in Flicker and Spark and Troubling the Line- two queer and transgender poetry anthologies and has a new book with Transgenre Press available at the merch table.

Kit’s solo slam poetry show Queer Heartache was recently awarded two best of Fringe awards in the 2016 San Francisco Fringe Festival and the 2015 Spirit of fringe award, artists’ pick award, and audience choice award at the 2015 Chicago Fringe Festival.

Drago Renteria

After a decade of writing and playing music,
touring the country in various punk bands,
running two record labels into the ground, and
taking on all the popular kids at school at the
same time, Aaron Hibbert is here with his band
The Great Repression to sing about his
seasonal depression, craigslist personals, and
his love/hate relationship with his hometown in
Western Massachusetts.  AH&TGR have won
three Grammy awards for their debut full length
"drown", and were recently named one of
Justin Bieber's favorite up-and-coming rock
bands of 2017. Catch them on their upcoming
2019 tour with System of a Down and Skrillex. 


Ivanna has been in existence for about three years. The inspiration for her drag comes from a long list of places; 40's and 50's fashion, Marilyn Monroe, 80's fashion, glam rock bands, fetish clothing, Lady Gaga, Dita von Teese, and Bettie Page. She loves anything glamourous and sparkly, but also anything leather and sexy. Ivanna hosts monthly at xroom in Springfield. She loves to dance and give a killer performance, all while looking beautiful and throwing in a little comedy.

Our Entertainment stage is interpreted in ASL by

Robin from Human Resources
Robin from Human Resources is a fat, funny, and fabulous little trash can of a drag queen.  Robin could be described as a 2000s clearance bin mixed with obscure internet memes and reality television show references.  Typically found performing across New England, frequently with Drag Brunch with Hors and Friends, Robin recently took part in the Austin International Drag Festival as a selected performer.  This is Robin's first Northampton Pride as an official performer, and she hopes you feel exactly as her parents do: disappointed.  Happy Pride! You can find Robin online at facebook.com/ihaterobinfromhr/ and on Instagram at @nickxrobinfromhr. Photo credit: Ben A. Johnson.

Tytannia Lockhart

Tytannia Loveless Lockhart has been doing drag for 7 years. Considering herself a cosplay queen, most of her performances are based around cartoon, video game, and anime characters, mixed together with different styles of drag such as camp and theater.

Some of her notable achievements include winning the title of Mrs. Northampton Divas 2014, traveling the local club scene with ChibiCon: The Traveling Cosplay Show, performing at Drag Brunch with Hors and Friends, and organizing the yearly drag show at Holyoke Community College.

If you like comedy, theater, fantasy and things that are downright different, you’ve hit the jackpot! Find Tytannia online at facebook.com/TytanniaLLockhart.

Loo D’Flyest Priestly is a drag king from Northampton, MA. He started performing six years ago. Loo is known for high-energy routines that play with gender roles and pop culture references, incorporating live drumming, choreography, skits, and you can usually see him rocking a fierce glitter beard. Within his six years of drag, Loo has won three pageants: Ms. Lesbian of Western Mass 2013, Ms. Worcester Pride 2014 and Mr. Northampton 2014. You can also catch him performing at Drag Brunch with Hors and Friends!  Loo's favorite gig of the year is NOHO pride! Loo says, "Nothing feels better than being surrounded by all of the love and support of your own community and it is always a huge pleasure to entertain them.” Keep up with Loo online at facebook.com/loo.dflyest and on Instagram under the handle loo2k50.

The Raging Grannies of Western Mass

Damela Cuca DeVille

Damela Cuca DeVille has been around for a little over 5 years, performing all around New England, mostly dedicating her time to helping local organizations raise money for charity. While she prides herself in her ghetto fabulousness and ratchetness, she is also proud to have been a part of the Imperial Court of Western Mass since 2012, doing her part to bring the community together through drag, laughter and charity work. You can find her on Facebook (Damela Cuca DeVille), Instagram (damela.cuca.deville), and Twitter (just_cuca).

​Kat Cunning is part of a new breed of musicians that don't fall strictly under the category of "musician." Cunning, whose full name is Katrina Cunningham, is a dancer, actor, singer, and songwriter. A trained dancer — she has a BFA in dance from SUNY Purchase — she starred in Cirque du Soleil's first Broadway show Paramour just last year. But this year, she's trained her eye on music. "Wild Poppies" is her first music video, although it feels like Cunning is made for the form. The video itself evokes a frantic 1800s Moulin Rouge: Dancers in red hoop skirts hurl themselves around a placid Cunning, who wears a long black gown.

Check out Kat Cunning's video "Wild Poppies" here: Refinery29 - Source Link

Drago Renteria is a Deaf, Chicano, heteroqueer transman who is passionate about making a difference. He has been out, proud and visible for over three decades and has worked to create awareness and social change in the various communities that he is a member of. He is founder of the Deaf Queer Resource Center and has presented on LGBTQ/Social Justice issues nationwide. Drago has served on numerous nonprofit boards, including the boards of the FTM International, the Transgender Law Center, and the Youth Gender Project. Drago is listed in the inaugural Trans 100 and was named one of 13 Trans Latinx Activists Who Are Changing the World. Drago is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley and did part of his undergraduate work at Gallaudet University.

Leo Crayz
Leo Crayz is the current reining Mr. Northampton 2017 and is known as an entertainer who isn't afraid to pull out all the stops. With a bit of a glitter, glamdrogynony, and a whole lot of sass, he creates an energy with his audiences that is so enthralling you never know what he'll do next!  This Pride, Leo wants to say, "Happy NOHO Pride! Feel free to express your fiercest selves, and never let anyone dull your shine!!!" You can find more from Leo online at facebook.com/leo.crayz.3 

Serenity Lockhart
Serenity Lockhart started doing drag in 2012 as part of The Imperial Court of Western MA, a local non-profit organization. Serenity draws a lot of inspiration from anime, video games, and comics. She has no drag mother and everything she knows is 100% self-taught. In 2013, she was crowned the first Ms. Northampton Divas. She has a big personality and is very easy to get along with. Serenity also organizes events with her fiancé, Tito, who are additionally founders of the group Serene Midnight Cosplay. Although she has been doing drag for over 5 years, Serenity has never stopped and has been constantly active on social media while performing locally. Most recently, she is cofounder, one of the hostesses, and makeup coordinator for ChibiCon: The Traveling Cosplay Show. Photo credit: Gina Sierra Photography.

Ruby Monroe
Ruby Monroe was born in Puerto Rico and brought over to Massachusetts at a young age. She is the current reigning Miss Gay Western Mass and your former Miss Northampton. Ruby is part of ChibiCon the Traveling Cosplay Show, and Drag Brunch with Hors and Friends. Ruby is known as the dancing diva, and you can watch her in the Northampton Pride 2018 festivities, giving you dance life realness. You can follow her on Facebook: Ruby Monroe and on Instagram: Ms.RubyMonroe_ 

From recording her first tape in the living room of Violent Femmes bassist Brian Ritchie, Pamela Means has gone on to share stages with artists including Ani DiFranco, Pete Seeger, Indigo Girls, Joan Baez, Howard Zinn, Angela Davis, Eve Ensler, David Strathairn, Neil Young, Shawn Colvin, Richie Havens, Patty Larkin, Melissa Ferrick, Violent Femmes, Television, The Radiators, Adrian Belew, Leo Kottke and Janis Ian. Pamela Means has performed at notable venues such as the Newport, Falcon Ridge and Clearwater Folk Festival(s), SXSW Music Conference and, internationally, at the eminent Woodford Folk Festival (Australia), Stockholm Pride(Sweden)