In celebration of 2015's monumental Supreme Court decision, MassMutual launched the "Vow to Protect" digital campaign featuring LGBT couples speaking earnestly about marriage equality and their respective journeys. MassMutual has a longstanding commitment to supporting, and being a financial resource for, the LGBT community.  “Vow to Protect” is a touching, heartfelt representation of MassMutual’s efforts as Champions of LGBT Equality. 

Please visit MassMutual’s LGBT webpage to view all 6 video clips.                                                              

This little booklet is more than just a pretty cover or a make shift beverage coaster!  We want to make sure you know there is important information in the Noho Pride Guide and why you should read it.  We promise, it won't take long.  Here is a short list of the awesome info you will find...

  • Our Sponsors!  Knowing our business allies is as valuable to you as it is to them.
  • Entertainment!  Curious to know who's performing and when? Want the 411 on that sassy Drag Host Hors D'oevures? The Pride Guide will tell you.
  • Vendors! New this year, we will be listing the names of all For Profit and Non Profit Vendors so  you can seek out your favorites year after year.
  • Event Map!  Unsure where the closest washroom is? Need a bandage after stubbing your toe while running for your favorite food truck? How about finding your car after you've had a most fantastic time watching our outstanding performers? The Pride Guide has a map.
  • Sentiment!  Each year one of our staff members writes a piece to commemorate the struggles and triumphs that bring us together on this very special day.  Keep a tissue handy.
  • Staff Shout Outs!Take a moment on Noho Pride day and look around.  Imagine what it takes to pull it all together.  We like to give some shout outs to our hard working volunteers.  Whether they show up and get the dirty work done, or they've been tirelessly working to keep your interest in this post.. eehmmmmm.  We love our staff and you can see them all in the Pride Guide! 

Moral of the story; pick up a Noho Pride Guide, you won't regret it!




Welcome to Noho Pride!

If you are passionate about equality and want to support our LGBTQIA+ community


A special Thank You from Noho Pride to MassMutual  for their continued support and generosity. 

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