In celebration of 2015's monumental Supreme Court decision, MassMutual launched the "Vow to Protect" digital campaign featuring LGBT couples speaking earnestly about marriage equality and their respective journeys. MassMutual has a longstanding commitment to supporting, and being a financial resource for, the LGBT community.  “Vow to Protect” is a touching, heartfelt representation of MassMutual’s efforts as Champions of LGBT Equality. 

Please visit MassMutual’s LGBT webpage to view all 6 video clips.                                                              

Noho Pride's Parade and Pride event May 6, 2017 

Parade starts at 12:00pm

​Pride event starts at 1:30 and runs until 5pm

Free entry - Free parking

A special Thank You from Noho Pride to the MassMutual Foundation Grant for their continued support and generosity. 

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This year Noho Pride has decided to coordinate our theme with Boston Pride and Worcester Pride and are working with other regional Prides to do the same. The theme is Stronger Together. 
Our thought is that a coordinated regional approach will send an even more important message that our community is in fact, #StrongerTogether

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